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Limitless minecraft. [Factions/PVP/Raid]


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Limitless MC, the land of anything you choose it to be. From raiding everyone and anyone to building the creation of your dreams... this is all possible on limitless minecraft.




There are a wide range of plugins on limitless MC such as Factions, MCMMO and many other plugins to ensure your experience is the best that it can possibly be.


Factions: This server allows both full on raiding factions and Peaceful factions. So if you choose to create the one faction to rule them all, you can! Also, if you want to just peacefully relax and not worry about being raided and griefed just join a peaceful faction and live without constant fear... of death! Griefing is allowed in non peaceful factions but not in peaceful factions.


Creativity: If you think you have the ability to build something awesome... you might want to build it. After you've built it show it to a member of staff (Admins+) and you may get promoted to [builder]. Builder gets you access to the creative world in which you can make any outragously expensive creation which you could only dream of in survival. If you are extra talented and you think you can build something that completely blows the mind of the staff , you can get [Architect]. This very rare and underused rank gets you access to World Edit (not to be abused) and the creative world. So you can create 1000's of blocks in a few clicks (don't crash the server).


Donating: The perks for donating can be found here: http://www.limitlessmc.net/donate.


Rules: The rules on this server are very simple and very common sense orientated so essentially in a nutshell they are:


-No hacks


-No Xray or any other mod that gives advantage to one player.


-No disrespecting other players or admins.


-No spamming chat and No Caps.


No donation perks/Creative mode in PVP.


No exploitation of bugs.


No begging for ranks and/or items.


Owners: Tordo (Jared)


Forcingfate (Gary)


Galan530 (Aman)


So join today and experience Minecraft multiplayer like you never have before. Take it to the limit with Limitless. :D




If you do decide to join this amazing server, please say that "Arsenal" was your referrer and you will be rewarded with epic items, Diamonds. :o


IP: s27.hosthorde.com:25568

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