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register halfslabs


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In 1.4.7 half slabs were just another custom block really. Now in 1.5.1 they dont seem so easy, the way the class was setup in 1.4.7 no longer works in 1.5.1. Getting on to the point, I discovered how to set them up in 1.5.1 from a thread here that has now been labled solved. The slabs work, and even the double, however the block has no ingame name.....


This is my block class...



public class BlockBlackWoodSlab extends BlockHalfSlab


//public static final String[] slabType = { "blackWood" };


public BlockBlackWoodSlab(int par1, boolean par2)


super(par1, par2, Material.wood);


setBurnProperties(this.blockID, 5, 20);


    useNeighborBrightness[par1] = true;




public void registerIcons(IconRegister par1IconRegister)


this.blockIcon = par1IconRegister.registerIcon("MTJT:blackPlanks");



public int idDropped(int par1, Random par2Random, int par3)


return MTJT.blackWoodSingleSlab.blockID;



public String getFullSlabName(int metadata)


return null;




private static boolean isBlockSingleSlab(int blockId)


    return blockId == MTJT.blackWoodSingleSlab.blockID;







from the mod class



//load section

blackWoodDoubleSlab = (BlockHalfSlab)(new BlockBlackWoodSlab(blackWoodDoubleSlabID, true)).setHardness(1.6F).setResistance(7.5F).setStepSound(Block.soundWoodFootstep);

blackWoodSingleSlab = (BlockHalfSlab)(new BlockBlackWoodSlab(blackWoodSingleSlabID, false)).setHardness(1.6F).setResistance(7.5F).setStepSound(Block.soundWoodFootstep).setCreativeTab(MTJT.tabTreeBlocks);


GameRegistry.registerBlock(blackWoodDoubleSlab, "blackWoodDoubleSlab");

GameRegistry.registerBlock(blackWoodSingleSlab, "blackWoodSingleSlab");


LanguageRegistry.addName(blackWoodDoubleSlab,"BlackWood DoubleSlab");

LanguageRegistry.addName(blackWoodSingleSlab,"BlackWood SingleSlab");


//post init

Item.itemsList[blackWoodSingleSlab.blockID] = (new ItemSlab(blackWoodSingleSlab.blockID - 256, (BlockHalfSlab)blackWoodSingleSlab, (BlockHalfSlab)blackWoodDoubleSlab, false)).setUnlocalizedName("blackWoodSingleSlab");




Using the above works great, had no problems with my slabs working correctly using this method. Hoever they have no names...from the thread I saw to set it this way




LanguageRegistry.instance().addStringLocalization(((BlockHalfSlab)blackWoodSingleSlab).getFullSlabName(0)+".name", "blackWoodSingleSlab");




Though this does not work, using this I still have no names in game.....so if anyone knows how, I would greatly appreciate the help...


thanks Microjunk

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under your super all of your things should be this.set not just set.

i dont know if just using set works but i definately this.set works

i.e this.setUnlocalisedName(blcakWoodSlab);


This makes no difference, plus I thought this too, before posting. Thanks though. So I still need help with this...

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