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How To Lay Blocks Quickly In a Straight lIne?


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I mean when building a wall.   Because I get up on the wall and start going backwards, laying blocks as I go and I wander off the wall.

Holding Shift was supposed to help but it doesn't.


And of course I'd like to go quickly.  So I'd like to hold Ctrl while I go backwards, laying blocks.


And I find it  difficult to rise in the air and stay where I want to be to do all th is 'air  building'.   I'd appreciate any help anyone can give on the best way to do this kind of construction.


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Depends how many blocks you’re looking to place. Running backwards is the best way, but takes practice to not fall off. Maybe use scaffolding to give yourself some leeway.


if you’re placing 2/3 high blocks then you can place more quickly by shift crouching and walking forward and looking down to the bottom block and placing them up towards yourself.

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