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1.5.1 [Forge] (S(S/M)P) Vanity Blocks Mod V3.2.1


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Well this is a simple mod. At this moment it only adds in a few blocks. I started this mod as i play with a bunch of tech mods(ic2, te, rp, bc, etc), and i got tired of multiple blocks per and some not having blocks.


So for now, I have added a Lavalamp, coal, charcoal, sugar cane, enderpearl, slime, wheat, blaze, leather, cocoa, and sugar blocks. And with the ore dictionary, i've added, tin, copper, silver, lead, nikolite, electrum, invar, nickel/ferrous, platinum/shiny, coalcoke, brass, and osmium  blocks.(all of the blocks that are added are configurable if you want to enable or disable)

As well as adding a few recipes, such as arrow -> feather, cooking zombie flesh to leather, quartz block(4x4 of quartz) decrafts to 4 nether quartz, and a craftable dragon egg(if the ender blocks are enabled), also added the melting core, which you input items into to destroy, via pipes, tubes, hoppers/droppers, etc












ignore the lavalamp in the picture with the melting core, its new texture^ which is animated :)


Lavalamp is just a Glowstone light level block


Melting Core


Basically what this does, is a tubeable/pipeable destruction. As in, you send stuff from tubes and pipes into it, to destroy them, like voiding. Destruction. Poof Gone.






Yes im aware the textures are horrible, i cant do any art at all lol. If you wish to do texture, please feel free to. I would prefer them at 32x, wont be long before 32x become default anyhow. Thanks




Please post ideas/suggestions here. As well as bug reports.


Install is simple, place it in your minecraft's /mods/ folder, needs forge 643+





(Major CodeChange.Major Addition. Minor addition.Hotfix)(change to version starts at 3.2)

V:3.2.1: Added White Marble and Ashford Black marble blocks, bricks, chiseled blocks.The world gen for it(which is configurable via options(ask if you have questions)), There is 4 blocks currently unused for when i can get stairs/slabs working. Added in past version(not sure which xD), ability to decraft down your quartz blocks to the nether quartz item. Also added the ability to make green dye from Lapis lazuli blue dye and dandelion yellow dye. And i think thats about it.

V:3.2: Added Block spawns to bonus chest(world starting chest), dungeons, strongholds, desert temples, jungle temples, added sugar cane block, added osmium block(from universal electricity addon(mekanism)),new animated texture for lavalamp and a bug fix.

V:3.1: Added Blaze blocks(which act as a glowstone light level block as well as a storage(will make fuel in next update)and burn infinitely like netherrack does in the world, Leather blocks, which stores 9 leather, and Bone blocks, 9 bones. Atm you need to mine all these blocks with a pickaxe, no way for me to seperate them to use other tools without more block id's :/

V:3.0: Updated to 1.5.1, removed legacy support. Please deblock all your redstone blocks(from my mod) and craft into vannila ones, thanks(will remove them later)




V:2.1: Added legacy support, meaning, all old blocks are named Blockhere - Legacy. Put them in crafting table to get new ones.

V2.0: Basically updated to metadata, using 4 id's now, ^ PLEASE UNBLOCK ALL YOUR STORAGE BLOCKS. Unfortuneally youll need to nei spawn back in your melting cores and lavalamps, sorry. (atm you cant use coal blocks in coke oven, still trying to fix it)

Now: if you dont wish to unblock them(and store them), download the 1.3.5 version and the 2.0, (backup your world), and deblock all your blocks and reblock them(the 1.3.5 disables recipes for making the non metadata ones)


V1.4.1: Fixed a naming bug where you would loose all your blocks(only loose your lavalamps atm)

V1.4: Added Brass blocks, new textures, seperated mod into modules and working on adding meta data atm. Install steps have changed, for the combo, download it and put the zips in the /mods/ folder

V1.3.1: Made coal blocks able to smelt inside Railcraft's coke oven for coal coke blocks(1:1 ratio and 4.5k units of creosote oil).

V1.3: Added coal coke blocks, requires use railcraft stuff and coal coke block set to true in the config, they burn for coalcoke x9

V1.2.3: Fixed code typo(no download, kept going to .4

V1.2.2: Added Furnace fuel values to coal and charcoal blocks, requires both to be enabled for either to burn. Burn time of 9 coal.

V1.2.1: Fixed insta breaking of blocks, forgot to set hardness.

V1.2: Added Te specific ingot blocks(electrum, platinum, invar, and ferrous)

V1.1: Added Melting core. Voidding block(pump items/blocks into it to destroy them).

V1.0: Main Release












I would like to thank some people who helped me.



Mainly foremost and the most helpful, KingLemming, and Zeldo

Second: Immbis for his help learning ore dictionary and reading his code to get good mechanics for the melting core. And also his help in converting it to metadata

Third: Riking for his help with code structuring and ore dictionary.

Fourth: http://www.minecraftforum.net/user/855369-pheonexianking/aka SirusKing for making some awesome textures for the mod, better than what i can/did do xD (will be added in next update)


Need someone to help me by making 32x textures for my blocks and such

Please see


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