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Managing various mod packs and versions of MC


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What do you all use to manage multiple instances, and various mod groups, for Minecraft?

I'm constantly trying out different MC versions for various groups of mods, which is a real PITA to do manually.

So, managing modpacks basically— but not using the "modpack" term as there are actual modpacks, and this is just rando mods that we mix and match.


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Thanks!  Let me give a little more detail:

I'm thinking managing the whole shebang, versus just local profiles.  I only play by myself when I'm testing out the server, otherwise it's with other people, and there doesn't seem to be a way to share profiles (including mods and configs).

We could like, zip up the whole MC directory, and share that, but that's a pretty terrible way.  The best I've found by far is MultiMC, but I wondered if Forge being Forge, there might be something about managing mods as well.  (I thought MultiMC was something new for instance, but it's actually been around for ages, so I'm not going to assume there isn't something else I somehow missed while searching for solutions on my lonesome.)

I whipped up a Gradle script a while back that works with the mods as normal java dependencies, and then just generates a MultiMC instance zip from whatever mods are specified (which lets me make mod-based decisions basically, instead of MC version-based, then mod-based, decisions— dependency management FTW!), and I've been digging on that, as using MultiMC to import a zipped setup is simple, and I don't have to run a noob through the various hoops otherwise required.

I'm thinking I can't be the only one who likes to do what I do, and here would be a good place to check.  Twitch is out, as is any other web-type thing, as I run the servers locally (mostly the other people are family) and want control, and debug abilities, etc..

Is MultiMC the only thing like MultiMC, I guess is what I'm asking. ?

I might just tweak the script to modify the profiles directly, and cut out all the middle-m^Hpeople... come to think of it I have code that would generate an app from the gradle script that would be close-ish to what MMC does, if an uglier UI...  but I love the idea of a standard, and MMC seems to be it, so probably just stick with it.

Anyhow, thanks for the suggestion!

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