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?BiomeCaft - NonVanilla Mod free pvp/survival server! - biomecraft.mchost.no - Choose between elves/demons/seapeople/dwarfs?


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IP: biomecraft.mchost.no



The BiomeCraft server is a survival/pvp server where you have to choose between the seopeople, the demons, the dwarfs or the elves. It's on version 1.14.4 so that we can use the new water mechanics, but we use the old combat mechanics plugin to make combat as similar as possible with 1.7/1.8.


The elves

The elves have jump boots and speed, and they sometimes get invisibility. They don't like the nether


The dwarfs

The dwarfs have night vision and haste. They can craft creeper eggs and haste 2 potions.


The seapeople

The seapeople can swim and breath underwater, but they don't like warm biomes. They can craft tridents.


The demons

The demons don't take fire-damage, but water will kill them. They can buy throwable fireballs.


More coming.


We have used a lot of time making this server, so we would really like it if someone joined. We don't have a shop, and we have no plans for adding one either. We have made this server just because it's fun, so if you join, we would really appreciate it.


Join at: biomecraft.mchost.no



Website: https://biomecraftmc.wordpress.com


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