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[1.14.4] Dev environment does not normally load if mods are present in run/mods


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Greetings, first time posting here, and looking for some pointers on this issue, as I have given up on troubleshooting it myself (even if it's probably due to an stupid oversight on my part)


When I tried adding JustEnoughItems for the purpose of debugging recipes to my Dev environment, I found out that the game crashed. Further looking into it, I tested with various 1.14.4 mods (one at a time) just to find out that adding any kind of additional .jar mods to the run/mods path leads to strange behaviour from the game.

This usually results on outright crashing before loading the title screen, albeit there's one case (Upgrade Aquatic) where it just wipes out all modded content from the registries, despite showing the mods as loaded, the results are slighlty different for most mods. All of these mods have been tested and work properly outside the Dev environment.


Following are the resulting logs from addeding specific .jar files to run/mods, after running the Client via the runClient task (with the .main classpath of module, and with just the mod and the ExampleMod):

JustEnoughItems: Crash Report | Latest log

Upgrade Aquatic: Does not outright crash, but no modded content makes it into Minecraft (albeit it's not noticeable with the Example Mod) | Latest log

Storage Drawers: Crash Report | Latest log


What I tried:

  • Updating/Downgrading Forge, the issue has persisted since around 28.0.50 (when I started with 1.14, lower versions are untested) until the Recommended 28.1.0, and the latest 28.1.1
  • Updating Java and JAVA_HOME environment variable (currently running the Oracle JDK 1.8.0_221) tested also with the OpenJDK latest version of Java 8 with the same result
  • I originally thought that my mod was at fault for the issue, yet it persists on a fresh instance of the Forge MDK (with only the Example Mod), which is the source of the above logs
  • Clean reinstall of IntelliJ IDEA, no result

Additional information:

  • Windows 10 OS, updated to it's latest version
  • Mods added as dependencies through the build.gradle file do work correctly (compile runtime)
  • Everything works fine in 1.12.2
  • Everything else works perfectly fine so long as no additional mods are in run/mods


Thank you for your attention

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