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Entity Issue


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So i am helping someone with a modpack they are making and having a hard time trying to figure out the issue that is going on within a dimension


so once you play the pack and get into this dimension after you have been in there for around an hour or more it seems like it is going corrupt by not being able to place blocks within certain chunks

but after i have used MCEdit on the world there is over 1700 witches that has been spawned into these chunks but they are completely invis and you are unable to kill them 


here is some of the info i have gotten from the world with MCEdit


here is doing an entity scan



this is from the inspector showing a list of entities



less than an hour old gaia dimension. holes in stone are spots block cant be placed


here is a log if running the kill command to try and kill the witches (/kill @e[type=!Player,r=3])



also here is a the debug log at the same time the kill command was ran above



then here is a little video of using tnt in the effected area unable to place blocks



so would anyone be able to suggest something on how to find out what is going on like through a mod to use or some other way

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