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[1.12] Custom EntityPotion/EntityTippedArrow to spawn with vanilla potion/arrows


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I'm adding some new tipped arrows using my mod's potions, but some of them have effect on impact to blocks not just entities, so I need my custom EntityPotion and EntityTippedArrows. However, currently I am basically getting any potion/arrow that enters the world and reconstructing them from NBT. This breaks compatibility with other mods that add custom arrows, is there any remedy?


Event for joining world where i reconstruct them (trying to avoid):

	public void joinWorld(EntityJoinWorldEvent event) {
		if (!event.getWorld().isRemote) {
			if (event.getEntity() instanceof EntityPotion && !(event.getEntity() instanceof ModEntityPotion)) {
				ModEntityPotion entity = new ModEntityPotion(event.getWorld());
			else if (event.getEntity() instanceof EntityTippedArrow && !(event.getEntity() instanceof ModEntityTippedArrow)) {
				Entity shooter = ((EntityTippedArrow) event.getEntity()).shootingEntity;
				ModEntityTippedArrow entity = shooter instanceof EntityLivingBase ? new ModEntityTippedArrow(event.getWorld(), (EntityLivingBase) shooter) : new ModEntityTippedArrow(event.getWorld());


Where my recipe is registered:

		ForgeRegistries.RECIPES.register(new RecipeTippedArrow() {
			public ItemStack getCraftingResult(InventoryCrafting inv) {
				ItemStack stack = super.getCraftingResult(inv);
				if (PotionUtils.getPotionFromItem(stack) == PotionTypes.EMPTY) stack.getTagCompound().setInteger("CustomPotionColor", PotionUtils.getPotionColorFromEffectList(PotionUtils.getFullEffectsFromItem(stack)));
				return stack;
		}.setRegistryName("minecraft", "tippedarrow"));


I know I could probably just copy vanilla code and make my own ItemTippedArrow, ItemPotion, and then put my own spawnarrow, etc.. but I'd also have to copy over stuff that handles textures, colors etc and it just seems inefficient.


Thanks in advance!

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