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[SOLVED][1.14.4] Spawning mob with modified data manager data (eg. slime size)

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I'm currently updating/rewriting/experimenting with  my mod for 1.14.4 and have been running into a confusing issue with spawning.

I can happily spawn mobs and kill them, except for when I need to modify the entity.


The best example is that I need to spawn and kill small slimes.


I have an access transformer for setSlimeSize that is working fine.

I then use setSlimeSize to set a size of 1 - small.

But when I get the LivingDropEvent ~50% of the time the size is back to 2 - large.


I've been dumping the UUID for the entity at creation time and drop event time, to make sure I'm actually seeing the same entity and they look fine.


To create the entity I've been basing it off the AbstractSpawner.java vanilla code, then I set the slime size

public net.minecraft.entity.monster.SlimeEntity func_70799_a(IZ)V # setSlimeSize

    Entity entity = EntityType.func_220335_a(.....
    MobEntity mobEntity = (MobEntity)entity;
	SlimeEntity slimeEntity = (SlimeEntity)mobEntity;
        if (fakeMob.isSmallSlime()) {
            slimeEntity.setSlimeSize(1, false);
        } else {
            slimeEntity.setSlimeSize(2, false);

                world.getDifficultyForLocation(new BlockPos(entity)),
                null, null);


I don't know if I'm missing some extra step after calling setSlimeSize to sync the change before it gets spawned.

Looking at SlimeEntity,java I'm not seeing anything jump out.


Any suggestions as to what I could be missing out here?



The "set size to small 1" debug is from " LOGGER.debug("SlimeSpawner: set size to small {}", slimeEntity.getSlimeSize());"

Good spawn

18:34:48] [Server thread/INFO] [ip.wo.Woot/]: Spawning and killing minecraft:slime,small@1 ipsis.woot.simulation.dimension.TartarusDimension@a4cf04a
[18:34:48] [Server thread/DEBUG] [ip.wo.Woot/]: SlimeSpawner: set size to small 1
[18:34:48] [Server thread/DEBUG] [ip.wo.Woot/]: SpawnController:spawnKill minecraft:slime,small@1 1858da71-6e5c-48ce-9615-3bbbf501abb6
[18:34:48] [Server thread/INFO] [ip.wo.Woot/]: onLivingDropsEvent fake kill minecraft:slime,small@1 1858da71-6e5c-48ce-9615-3bbbf501abb6 [ItemEntity['Slimeball'/324, l='Single Factory', x=4.00, y=20.00, z=4.00]]


Bad spawn

[18:34:48] [Server thread/INFO] [ip.wo.Woot/]: Spawning and killing minecraft:slime,small@3 ipsis.woot.simulation.dimension.TartarusDimension@a4cf04a
[18:34:48] [Server thread/DEBUG] [ip.wo.Woot/]: SlimeSpawner: set size to small 1
[18:34:48] [Server thread/DEBUG] [ip.wo.Woot/]: SpawnController:spawnKill minecraft:slime,small@3 b5a5a679-6972-48b9-b93d-2826c37801c5
[18:34:48] [Server thread/INFO] [ip.wo.Woot/]: onLivingDropsEvent fake kill minecraft:slime,large@3 b5a5a679-6972-48b9-b93d-2826c37801c5 []
[18:34:48] [Server thread/ERROR] [ip.wo.Woot/]: onLivingDropEvent: Large slime found SlimeEntity['Slime'/320, l='Single Factory', x=4.00, y=52.00, z=4.00] FakePlayer['[woot_3]'/125, l='Single Factory', x=0.50, y=5.00, z=-47.50] size 2


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