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How can i close gui at Forge 1.8.8?


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I am trying to write an Minecraft Forge (1.8.8) mod. It should work like that:

OnGuiOpen: If GUI title is equals to constant string value then close GUI (like ESC). Close event must be respected by server.


My code (doesnt work):


public class ModEventHandler {
	public void onGuiOpen(GuiOpenEvent event)
		if(event.gui instanceof GuiContainer) {
			checkGui((GuiContainer) event.gui);

	private void checkGui(GuiContainer gui) {
		if(gui.inventorySlots instanceof ContainerChest) {
			ContainerChest _gui = (ContainerChest)gui.inventorySlots;
			IChatComponent component = _gui.getLowerChestInventory().getDisplayName();

			String text = component.getUnformattedText();
			if(text.contains("Kopanie")) {
				System.out.println("Turning off");



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