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A Boat Bug


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So, basically, I've been making a town of NPCs in singleplayer.

Problem is, one particular NPX has been super buggy - he's supposed to be going along a set path made with the NPC Pather - and it worked fine at first. However, when I check "Nearby NPCs" now, there are about ~10 or so copies of that same NPC, even though I only see 1. (With a notable exception where 3 of the same NPC were present and walking around, but I'm not sure how that happened, either.)

The best reason for this bug that I can come up with are the boats I placed near the NPC - I found it sitting in one of them another time, and because I didn't want that, I deleted it. But now, it seems that there are a bunch of invisible and non-interactable NPCs around this same location - for one, I cannot place boats ot blocks at this place (they pop up for a split second and then vanish) so I presume the NPCs are actually still there. If I get into a boat myself, I can actually push against them.

Now, I've tried a few things to fix this - for one, I attempted to delete all the versions of the NPC - However, I can't interact with the other versions, not even when using "Nearby NPCs" - I still get the "Delete? Y/N" prompt, but saying yes doesn't actually delete it, nor can I edit. When I quit and re-enter the world, however, one of the NPCs loads in. But even deleting this NPC doesn't seem to do anything, because when I save and re-enter the world, it happens again, without actually decreasing the number of NPCs present. Speaking of which, the amount of same NPCs listed in "Nearby NPCs" is sometimes a little lower or higher each time I load in, but I don't know what affects this.
So, yeah, I'm kind of at a loss here. Re-loading also once spawned an NPC in the water, but I'm not sure whether deleting that one actually got rid of it or not, so I'm basically back where I started...

Version: 1.12.2

Mods I'm using:
- CustomNPCs (Obviously)

- Forge
- Just Enough Items

- LibrarianLib

- ShadowFatcs Forgelin

- Optifine

- Worldedit

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