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FurixMC Network || 1.8.x to 1.15.x || Skyblock || Balanced economy || Warzone + Custom mobs + Envoys || Vote rewards


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[SG hosted] [Java Edition] [Cracked/Premium]
[ 1.8.x to 1.15.x ] [ High Quality ]

Hey you, dont just ignore this post, please take a look 1f61b.png:p
I am the server owner of FurixMC and a member of Furix Clan would like to promote the server we have opened!, come join us ! 1f603.png:D
This server is a Bungeecord Network, means we will have multiple gamemodes in a server. However, there will only be Skyblock for now. We will add more gamemodes soon, and Factions is what we are expecting to add. We are a small gaming community trying our best to grow so there may be some flaws, but please report to us incase of bugs or disappointment in gameplay 1f642.png:) We accept players of all ages and are not currently looking for staff, but you can still apply at our discord server. PACMAN.png:V
Overall, our server has :-
- Very secure player security
- Best server performance
- Best server latency, hosted in Asia.
Skyblock :-
- Start out with 5000 coins, pick your starter island choice!
- Warzone available where you can hunt monsters and earn War tokens!
- Put bounties on other players!
- Vote rewards! Get a crate key when you vote all sites!
- Island Border, Island Upgrades and also passive Inventory Pets to boost your gameplay!
- More than 300 quests ! 400+ name tags!
- Custom Enchantments!
- Balanced economy!
Server IP: play.furixmy.com
Server Version: 1.8.x to 1.15.x
Official Website: www.furixmy.com
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