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The SMCS Skyblock


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The SMCS is a brand new Minecraft Server, focusing on a fun and engaging Skyblock experience.


What makes our server unique?


Many things, we offer an engaging experience for players, with our active staff team. Support is only seconds away. Our server has multiple milestones for skyblockians, this makes the experience more engaging. With a wide range of unique islands and a custom developed algorithm our Skyblock isn't just a skyblock it’s a S-Skyblock. Our custom enchants allow the player many possibilities, why not come try them yourself?


Our features:

Shards, allowing players to purchase ranks, new abilities and items to enhance their grinding abilities, to give players an advantage above the rest, but they're hard work to get, so you'll have to put effort in to get them

Custom Enchants, allowing players to gear themselves up to a new level, alongside all vanilla enchants we have extras that give the player a huge boost, all coming in the form of random gems

Crates, allowing players to get HUGE bonuses from high level items, huge amounts of cash, shards, OP items and more

Ranks, these ranks can be purchased via donations OR with in game Shards, giving users kits to use that give item sets, crate keys, money and more

Island Upgrades, allowing players to enhance their Islands to a new level, with enhanced Generators to earn ores and ingots,

member count, and how many homes you can have


So why join us now?


We are currently trying to iron out the creases to make this server the best experience for you, which is ultimately our priority. If you join us today, you will become part of our BETA TESTING TEAM who will help to find any bugs there may be and any improvements we can make. PLUS if you play for 1 hour, we will reward you with the first donator rank ULTRA completely free!


If you like our skyblock and think your friends will too, them invite them to play and they can also join the team.


We hope to see you very soon, fellow skyblockians!


Discord: https://discord.gg/dzu6mqA

Website: *coming soon*

IP: play.thesmcs.com


-----<< Proudly Sponsored By NitroNode >>-----



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