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Minecraft Plus


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Minecraft+ is a new Minecraft 1.15 survival server that has lots of new mechanics to enhance the gameplay.

IP: minecraftplus.ddns.net

  • Golden helmet shines bright in the dark.
  • Golden chestplace attracts items from further away (item magnetization)
  • Golden leggings allows the player to swim significantly faster
  • Golden boots adds a spring to your step (2.5 block jump boost)
  • Mobs drop heads when killed using a golden axe
  • Store mobs in spawn eggs (Hook an animal with a fishing hook. The egg retains all traits of the targeted mob including name, sheep wool color, horse stats, inventory, etc.)
  • Animals can eat food thrown at them (Allows for farm automation using dispensers, droppers, water streams etc.)
  • Dragon drop 1 elytra and 1 dragon egg upon death
  • Shulkers always drop 2 shells
  • Elder guardian is able to respawn
  • Craftable chainmail armor [recipes]
  • Craftable saddle [recipe]/horse armors [recipe]
  • Craftable mushroom blocks [recipe]
  • Craftable bell [recipe]
  • Cheaper rail crafting [recipes]
  • Cobblestone walls can be smelt into stone brick walls
  • More blast furanace recipes (The material smelting recipes that a normal furnace has.)
  • More stonecutter (sawblade) recipes (Can be used on wood!) [recipe]
  • Stonecutter deals damage to anything that stands on it
  • Movable cake slices (Cake drop itself when you break cake block and it also contain information about the number of slices too.)
  • Dyeable item frames (Sneak right click with dye on item frame. Sneak right click with water bucket on item frame to clear the color.)
  • Dyeing with cauldrons [resource pack]
  • Washable wools (Throw any wool related blocks or items into a filled cauldron and they will shine in a clean white again.)
  • Fixed tripwire (Player can now trigger tripwire hook block instead of just tripwire.)
  • Carpets can be placed on stairs and slabs [resource pack]
  • Crawling (Look straight down and sneak.)
  • Chairs (Throw a saddle on any stair block to turn it into a chair, which you can sit on.)
  • Lockable chests (Blocks such as chests automatically locks when placed!)
  • Shulker box backpacks (You can shift-click to open a shulker box in your hand!)
  • Automatic sapling planting (Saplings that fall from trees plants a few seconds after them dropping.)
  • Useful composter (Feeds crops like bone meal in radius 4. Put composter on crops level and fill it.)
  • Suspended monorails
  • Waterproof redstone
  • Longer day
  • Skip the night if 20% of players are sleeping
  • Aging caves
  • New plains village structures
  • Different variations of the pillager outpost for the different biomes
  • Custom woodland mansions
  • The fossil structures are replaced with custom dungeons
  • Custom cold ocean ruins
  • And more...






  • Common sense
  • No cheating
  • No griefing
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