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Mod Options & Forge running premade map


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Running Forge on 1.7.10 

The mods I am running

Mo Creatures 6.3.1(.zip)  &

CustomMobSpawner 3.11.5 (.jar)

      I have 4 questions together because each of which may be the effect of the other. This also allows me to list details that may answer the others. 

1:  Could the fact that one of the files in the Mod Folder is a .jar and one is .zip cause any problems? The mod seams to work just fine, but I ask because CustomMobSpawner does not show up in the mod list?

2:  Once MC is running, and I am playing, I used to be able to hit esc, then click the "Mod Options" button... to see the mods and to get to their configurable settings, like limiting the number of mobs, which mobs spawn...etc.  This used to work just fine.  The button is still there, but now when I click  the "Mod Options" button I am sent to a screen that instantly shows:

   Test 1

   Test 2


From there all I can do is back out. There is no way for me to access the mod configuration settings, etc etc It does not even show the mods, etc. like it used to. 

    So... Any ideas? 

3: I found a map that is supposed to be one of the best with these mods. When I ran the map for the first time, while loading I got an error message and was asked if I wanted to continue. The game stated it could not load 89 of whatever.. I am guessing textures, etc. Minecraft automatically took those 89 out and started the map.  It seams to work great, yet I am left wondering if this will have consequences to multiplayer? Would I need to copy this special map I am using and put it on my sons computer? 

4:  This also makes me wonder why my son can see the game, but when he tries to join it eventually times out with a Java timeout error.


Any help is greatful!!! After going through all my LAN setting, firewall settings, making sure we have the same setup, mods, etc, forwarding ports, allowing access through the firewall, etc etc. we cannot play... AND I spent 12 hours building this awesome adventure for my son, on this map! :(


Thanks a ton guys!!!!




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