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Poke Planet recruiting Managers, Builders, and Developers!


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Pokemon Planet

Pokemon Planet is a Pixelmon Generations Server that is in need of Builders, Developers, and Managers. Here at Poke Planet we aim at providing custom plugins (made by our developers) and new, original, and exciting builds. We offer Gyms, Towns, Events, Tournaments, everything you can think of! Unfortunately, this server is in dire need of some fresh looking builds and some impressive developers.


Builder Information/Requirements

As a Builder you're required to have some background knowledge with World Edit, if you do not have any knowledge with world edit chances are you might not get hired, we might be able to make a exception depending on the circumstances! We do require professional Builders and not immature ones. We also require screenshots of Builds previously made, and an online, interactive, testing system of you building!


Developer Information/Requirements

As a Developer you're required to be above the age of 15, this is due to maturity issues mostly. Becoming a Developer doesn't just mean you'll have access to console, you have to prove your trustworthiness first! If you're looking to apply for Developer you must also have knowledge on making custom plugins!


Manager Information/Requirements

As a Manager you will be working side by side with me helping recruit staff members! You will be fully in charge of handling day to day applications. You must be over the age of 16 and you must have experience in actually managing a team. I'll make exceptions for the 2nd requirement if need be!


Positions Available


Available Positions Currently:


Developer: [0/3]


Builder: [0/5]


Managers: [0/2]


If you are looking to apply for any positions above follow these links/steps:



1st option: You can apply via discord by making a ticket, Demonstration: -new applying (must be done in the channel #support).

Discord Link: https://discord.gg/pXrKAUw


2nd option: You can apply via these google forms

Builder Application:



Developer Application:


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