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Update Checker Question


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I already set up Forge's built-in update checker for my mod. But I have one issue, I know something is wrong, but I'm not sure what it is. The text (or anything else in there) won't send.

What I want to do is retrieve the update check results, then send a string of text (For a test. Eventually, I will make something in the GUI).

I have followed this tutorial on the forge website (on the bottom of the page), and everything looks correct.


public void updateChecker() {
        ModContainer mod = Loader.instance().activeModContainer();
        CheckResult result = ForgeVersion.getResult(mod); 
          if ((result != null) && result.status == Status.OUTDATED || result.status == Status.BETA_OUTDATED) {
                   IChatComponent update = new ChatComponentText("blah blah blah");


I have tried other things in place of the text as well.

I've also already made sure that the version I'm testing it on is outdated. It shows the update sign if I go to the Mods tab.

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