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[1.15.2] (Scattered)Structure skipping chunks sometimes


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So I ran into an odd bug, I'm currently adding custom structures into the game, and so far it mostly works as expected, smaller structures generate without any problems. But bigger structures (structures with a size of around 3 chunks or more in X/Z/both directions) seem to sometimes skip individual chunks when generating. Now I know that they do indeed work as intended aswell, as they do generate fully sometimes (most of the time). But occasionally, individual chunks will just not generate a single block of the structure at all and remain entirely untouched. Why does this happen, and more importantly, how do I fix it? I don't know if it is important, but I don't use those Jigsaw/NBT Files, I have a custom StructurePiece where I generate my structures the way I want them to be in code (using setBlockState etc.).
Does anyone know what I could do to fix this/why this happens?

Edit: I figured out that the "skipped chunks" seem to be chunks where another/a different biome is present that does not generate the structure. So if my structure for example only generates in desert biomes and not in plains biomes, but gets generated at the edge of a desert, a chunk that is both part desert and part plains biome will simply not generate the structure at all, resulting in a "skipped" chunk and a hole in the structure. So how would I go about fixing that, or to be more precise, how do I get my structure to generate into a biome that does not normally generate my structure? Alternatively, would there be a way to specify that I want my structure to only generate in "the middle" of a biome and not at the edges?

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