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Bind Server Capabilities & Custom GuiScreen to modify it


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Hi there, I'm happy to join the MCForge community today :)


I'm actually looking for creating a mod which allow players to create custom description for their character (Roleplay server), It's a complicated object, which handle several layers of description (not a simple string)

So I have my Capability classes, and i'm using a basic serializer to save it as a json string.


On the other side, I sucessffuly created a custom GuiScreen, with many inputs to edit the description and create new layers (But I didn't create any server/client interaction to open it.... Did I miss something ?)



But now, i'm struggling to get the next step with the server/client architecture :


_ What did I need to store the Capabilities on the server side (one per player), and send it to the Client to let him make some modifications (via my GuiScreen) ?


I Want to allow any players to right-click on another player, get his description, and make some modification on it, so what's the next things that I have to looking for ?


I can find detailed infos by myself, I just want to have a clear view of what I will need to make that works (And If you guys, can teach me a bit of how Client/server works, it will be great for me :)) )




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