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Reading Title/Subtitle From GuiInGame


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I'm having a problem reading the "large text" (titles/subtitles) displayed on screen.


The only reference to this problem I could find was in version 1.8 on this forum:


From that thread, the following code would retrieve the on-screen title by using Forge's ReflectionHelper to read protected fields:

String title = (String) ReflectionHelper.findField(GuiIngame.class, "displayedTitle", "field_175201_x").get(Minecraft.getMinecraft().ingameGUI);

alternatively using:

String title = ReflectionHelper.getPrivateValue(GuiIngame.class, Minecraft.getMinecraft().ingameGUI, "field_175201_x", "displayedTitle");

However, in 1.14, 1.12, and even 1.8 (for me), this returns an empty string no matter what, unless I manually set the field using

ReflectionHelper.findField(GuiIngame.class, "displayedTitle", "field_175201_x").set(ClientUtils.mc().ingameGUI, "Hey this is a title sort of");


Setting the field in this will NOT create a title onscreen, and the actual onscreen title has no bearing on this field- I tested with in-game title commands, and titles set via:

Minecraft.getMinecraft().ingameGUI.displayTitle("This will create an actual functional title", "But I can't access it with reflections", 0, 60, 1);


Is there an alternative to reflections in modern minecraft versions? Or am I missing something? I feel like I'm not accessing the correct instance of GuiInGame, however I can call methods on that instance just fine, so it might be reflections. I have never used reflections prior to this.


Using reflections without Forge's wrapper also produced the same result:

Field f = GuiIngame.class.getDeclaredField("displayedTitle");


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