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Disabling a Running Mod


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Hey, does anyone know how to access a list of running mods, or really just any way that you can stop one from running via the forge api?


I need something along the lines of Minecraft.getMods().disable(modID). 

I'll only need this to disable my own mod, which I have implemented in other ways anyway, but it still appears on the mod list, so if there isn't a way to do the above, I could settle for just removing it from the mod list

Thanks in advance

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23 hours ago, OnePound said:

I want to be able to simulate the mod not being present - just OCD really.

That is a really bad idea.

If your mod does nothing, there's no point having it installed.

If your mod does something, it should show up in the mod list. Otherwise, if there is a strange interaction between your mod and another one, it becomes very hard to find the problem (because the users don't know they have your mod installed).

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