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RL Craft always day time issue

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So, I was playing RL Craft yesterday when I decided to create a creative world in order to test some features that I didn't yet have access to in my survival world. Getting annoyed with the constant spawning of hostile mobs I decided to change the time to day and make the daylight cycle property untrue.


Later on I figured out that the daylight cycle command for whatever reason carried over to my survival world. So I first changed the daylight cycle back to its normal setting in the creative world hoping that I would be able to change it back how it was started, but of course, nothing changed in my survival world. I then switched the survival world to a lan server, enabled cheats, and tried the command again. But yet again there was no change in time. I don't know if this was an RL Craft bug, or just minecraft bug, but either way it's an issue.


While this isn't the biggest problem ever it does limit what I can and can't do due to me not being able to access certain mobs that only spawn at night. Does anyone have any idea what could of happened or how I could possibly fix it?

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