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[1.15.2] Using doubles for decrementing a HUD bar


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Hi there,


I am currently trying to make a cooldown bar decrement gradually over a set time, however am unable to do so as that would require me to decrement each tick by a double, which ingameGUI.blit does not support.

Is there anyway around this? My problem is this:


182 needs to gradually go down to 0 over X amount of ticks, by even decrements. However, each decrement must be an int.


Is there anyway to allow this to happen? Currently X = 80, which means if it decrements evenly each tick it must be a float, 2,275, which blit does not support.

I have tried Math.round() and Math.ceil(), however that messes up the timing of my cooldown


Here's my code:

	public static void playerTick(TickEvent.PlayerTickEvent event) {
		if (event.phase == TickEvent.Phase.END) {
			Minecraft mc = Minecraft.getInstance();
			PlayerEntity player = event.player;
			if (player == mc.player) {
				if (player.world.isRemote) {
                  //DodgeGui.dlen is the length of the dodge bar
					// Handle GUI. every tick, it needs to go down by cooldownLength/182
					if (DodgeGui.dlen > 0) {
				        DodgeGui.dlen = (int) (DodgeGui.dlen-Math.ceil(182/80));
					if (cooldown == cooldownLength) {
						Minecraft.getInstance().player.playSound(SoundEvents.ENTITY_EXPERIENCE_ORB_PICKUP, 1f, 1);
						DodgeGui.dlen = 0; //Ensure it's hidden


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Fixed code
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Okay. You should first implement the cooldown timer without thinking about the HUD representation. If it needs to cool down for X ticks you should count down from X to 0 (or up from 0 to X, doesn't really matter). Then when drawing the HUD you represent that as a ratio (e.g. if 50 ticks have passed and you want to count down for 500 ticks that's 50/500 == 0.1 == 10%). You then multiply your total bar size (in the HUD) by that ratio, e.g. if your bar should be 180 wide you multiply 180 * 0.1 in this case => your bar is then 18 pixels in size at this point. If you want a smooth animation here you should also incorporate the partial ticks value. In your case using it is very simple, simply add (or subtract, if you are animating the bar from full to 0) it to your counter value before multiplying by the ratio (since you are changing your actual value by just 1 every tick you can use this simple formula, otherwise it would have to be actualValue = lastTickValue + (currentValue - lastTickValue) * partialTicks).

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