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[1.15.2] MilkBucket still hardcoded as universal effect cure (Forge Bug)


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EDIT: Created a pull request https://github.com/MinecraftForge/MinecraftForge/pull/6609




Not sure if I found a forge bug. Ill just elaborate:

- The Vanilla Effect class implements the Forge IForgeEffect interface

- IForgeEffect interface has a method "getCurativeItems" which returns a list of item stacks which cure the effect

- This has a default implementation containing only the milk bucket

- The MilkBucketItem class then appropriately calls the method which checks if it cures each effect and then removes it only if applicable

- So far so good

- Now here is the problem: In the same method it also calls a method which removes all potion effects regardless, kinda negating everything from above. Latest 1.15.2 version of forge


The code mentioned:

Inside MilkBucketItem::onItemUseFinish

Correct first call: LivingEntity::curePotionEffects

Unnecessary (I guess) call: LivingEntity::clearActivePotions

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