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[1.14] Rendering shaders


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I need to tint everything kinda red, like imagine if a red film was put over everything (think super secret settings)

I also need to replicate nausea (the warping screen)


My problem is that i cannot seem to find nausea to replicate it.


I also tried 

			GlStateManager.color(255, 128, 0, 5);

inside of a potion effect's result in a (mostly "might as well see") fashion


and yeah that didnt do anything but crash the game on the server side...


maybe check if potion is activated then do this?:

			GlStateManager.color(255, 128, 0, 5);


if anyone has a function that would work in a potion's performEffect function that would be great


P.S. im thinking i might have to make a whole shader handler and just load shaders for effects...?


like i said, help!

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I found the location of nausea, but it seems to be hard coded. not sure how to mess with this. How can I modify

    private void setupCameraTransform(float partialTicks, int pass)

if it is private? the function has a direct call to MobEffects.NAUSEA


Id prefer a way of cloning in a seperate extended class to maybe rewrite just that bit and maybe even change the effect a bit.


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