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[1.10 - 1.15.2] ⚔️ Emerald Crafters ⚔️ Survival PvP & mcMMO ? Minigames ? BedWars and way more!


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About us


We are a team of people that just started a minecraft community. The server is fresh and waiting for some players.

We have a survival PvP mode with mcMMO and jobs enabled and a MiniGames (Skywars, Bedwars, BuildBattle, PocketGames, RabbitsVsPenguins Splegg and a lot more) server that is waiting for players.




We have a discord that is ready for our players if they want help, have any suggestions or they just need a channel to talk with each other.




Events will be made mostly weekly by our staff. We are waiting to determine the best time to do these.

Once a base number of players is formed we are going to start events at regular intervals.


Arcade Games:


■ TNT Tag

■ PropHunt
■ TempleRun
■ MiniWalls
■ Splegg
■ BombLobbers
■ PartyGames: (Pig Fishing - Avalanche - Trampolino - Punch The Bats - Minecart Racing - Animal Slaughter - Volcano - Hoe Hoe Hoe - Frozen Floor)







Other Informations


Both in survival and minigames the attack cooldown is disabled.

Difficulty in Survival is set on normal

/shop is available at Survival Spawn

/trade is available

LuckyBlocks are available if you mine (very small chance) and if you vote us, on /voteshop

We are still growing and testing everything. We cannot promise yet that everything works perfectly so you might have to deal with some bugs until we manage to fix them.

Also staff we are looking for new staff members, that means that if you care to help, are active, show initiative we might consider you for our staff.


Thanks for taking your time to read this!

We are waiting for you!




Join us on discord!

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