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How do People Get so Good at Modding?


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I have a quick question. I'm extremely new too modding(only started yesterday) and I'm just baffled at how people get so good at modding. I know people say that your supposed to reverse engineer and stuff, but I'm just so..confused whenever I look at people's source code, like how did they find the sources, and tutorials to get that good? Thank you for any answers. I'm learning 1.15.2 if that helps at all.

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There's a lot of resources that help you get familiar with forge methods, like the forge documentation, and plenty of tutorials to get started with modding. As for source code, check Cadiboo's Example Mod, which is a very handy bit of code that helped me understand how to code my mods quite a bit better. And since you have trouble understanding source code, it has comments saying what does what so you can understand what exactly is going on in the code. Also, make sure you take a look at vanilla classes, which you can find in your IDE since it comes with the forge mdk. Vanilla classes are a modder's best friend. Happy modding!

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