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[1.12.2] I get an error when I write two blocks in the recipe section

The Rabbit

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Block recipe contains sand and wood but when i write two blocks in recipe class i get error.



		GameRegistry.addSmelting(ModBlocks.BLOCK_SANDBAG, new ItemStack(Blocks.SAND, 4), new ItemStack(Blocks.PLANKS, 4), 0.2F);		

My Recipes (JSON) :

  "type": "crafting_shaped",
  "pattern": [
  "key": {
    "A": {
      "item": "minecraft:sand",
      "data": 0
    "B": {
      "item": "minecraft:planks",
      "data": 0
  "result": {
    "item": "zz:block_sandbag",
    "count": 9


The error i got :


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