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Cooperation Experiment for Bedrock


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The premise:From April 26th to May 26th I am running a social experiment called Cooperation. Its just normal survival Minecraft but if people are working together and forming nations they will receive extra help you could say the more people involved and the more loyal to there nation they are the more extra help.


No hacking please Although it is pretty hard to hack on bedrock please dont.

Please dont be rude Though nations might have rivalry's please be nice.

What does extra help mean?:I will try to look at what the nation needs most and give them that ex food, weapons, etc.

What can you do if your unhappy with your nation?:If your unhappy about your nation you can gather some people with the same opinion and try to overthrow your nation as revolutionary groups get extra help too.


The ip is:

The port is: 25623

The discord is: https://discord.gg/Hv2S9n

I hope to see you there!

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