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Is it possible to make a picture mod without client side modding?


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Hi. I want to make a simple mod to plot graphs. I also want it to be run without any additional jar on the client-side.  In the last couple of days, I've been studying this topic and can't find an answer. I found a half dozen mods on GitHub but they're outdated (far below 1.15.2), using bukkit API or have some kind of client side rendering classes. I found some options, please correct me if I'm wrong and advise what option I should examine more closely.

  1. Holograms. You know flying text which rotates when you look at it. I even found one forge mod with API for developers, but it's text only. Can this method be used to render plots?
  2. Classical Minecraft pictures. As far as I know, you can't make a new picture without placing an image in client textures? So it does not suit me well.
  3. Pixel art. Possibly the most straight forward solution, but how to make them smaller? I don't want 100 block sized plots.
  4. Books. I found a mod that adds pictures in books. But they're from Minecraft (coal, glass, and such things). Can it be any random picture?
  5. And so far the most promising solution. Filled maps. But I'm not sure can it be done without client side modding? I need to somehow send an image to render it. I think the client should ask a server if it found an unknown map. And the server gonna answer to the client with information about this particular map. But how can I intercept this communication? Is it some kind of event available? So many questions. If you could provide examples, links, or sources to study I would be grateful.
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