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★ One Tree ★ | Custom Skyblock | 1.15.2


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Welcome adventurers, to the realm of One Tree!

One Tree is a rapidly evolving realm centered around the game mode that is widely known as Skyblock. This isn't the average, run of the mill Skyblock experience, however. 

The realm of One Tree is like nothing you've ever experienced before. Supernatural weapons and armors dispersed all over this land, with many factions of races that call One Tree home. From the fairies to the orcs, these factions that dwell in this land have lived peacefully without conflict from the beginning of time.

Shrouded in the corner of the multiverse, this realm has not been disturbed for hundreds of millennia. However, mystical creatures have found the forsaken lands of One Tree and have started to wreak havoc. Scattered through the vast mines of this land, these creatures have taken shelter and have hoarded all the gems hidden within.

Discover the magic of this land and harness the arcane power hidden within. Find a faction that you can call home and gain the special traits that are rooted within the factions. Assert your dominance against the horrid creatures that have raided these sacred lands so that you may take back control of this land from the beasts that have entered and desecrated the landscape, and show how a true hero can rule the realm of One Tree.

Server IP: To be announced
Release Date: To be announced
Game Mode: Skyblock
Minecraft Version: Java 1.15.2
Store Page: To be announced
Discord: https://discord.gg/6JHvxdD

Hello, I'm the manager of this upcoming Skyblock server that we have aptly named One Tree, we hope that you like the lore behind this realm and hope to see you on our Discord as you await the release of the server. This server will have not be a normal, mediocre Skyblock experience, however. We are currently in the early stages of developing all the code by scratch so that everything can fit the needs of the community in the best form possible. We have already made a distinct plan of what we plan to add to the server, and how to make it a unique experience for all players. One thing that we truly want to abide by while making this server, however, is that we want it to be a NON-P2W environment, so our whole player-base can have an equal experience. We'd really appreciate it here from the One Tree team if you'd join our Discord server, (linked above), so that you can help in the process of shaping our server, as we will be posting regularly on any developments that we have regarding the coding of the server and have multiple polls on what we would like to see added/changed on the server. Any suggestions that you may have are extremely encouraged as well. We have applications open for most positions on our staff team, so if you think you have a place on our staff team, please feel free to submit an application! 

Custom Features:
Factions or Races that a player can choose at the start of their journey (each faction/race gives a specific bonus depending on which one you join)
Faction/Race Specific Armor/Weapons
Skill-Specific Quests
Prestige System
Unlockable Nether Hub w/ Unique Features
Minions that help do certain tasks for you so you don't have to
Custom Enchants unobtainable by normal means
> And many more custom features to come ....

Farewell Adventurers,
and we hope to see you make an impact on One Tree when the time has come for you to rule this sacred land.

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