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✸✸✸ Vanilla Skyblock ✸✸✸ Tight-knit community, mini-games, original experience ✸✸✸

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Welcome to the official Vanilla Skyblock forum thread!

IP: vanilla-skyblock.com


Discord: discord.gg/TY8thYp

An example island made by one of our regular players, Xtepano


We're a tight-knit community that is focused on bringing back the original skyblock experience:


  • A very simple skyblock starter island
  • Friendly, welcoming players
  • Great voting rewards
  • Player-run grass/emerald economy
  • Villager shops for trading resources
    • Buying items
    • Selling resources
    • Converting grass & emeralds
  • A completely fair, non pay-to-win environment
  • Permission to use colour codes on signs
  • Permission to use colour codes on items through anvils
  • Ability to mine spawners with silk touch
  • Various skyblock add-ons
    • Twerk for trees
    • Custom cobblestone generation
    • Island warps
    • & much more!


Thanks for reading,



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Vanilla Skyblock v2 Update Notes

Voting & Vote Shop

On voting, a player will receive x1 Heart of the Sea from each website, as opposed to the grass blocks used before. Here is the list of items in the vote shop (with prices):

✸ Compressed Ice | x1 Heart of the Sea
✸ Shulker Shells | x3 Hearts of the Sea
✸ Golden Apple (enchanted) | x5 Hearts of the Sea
✸ Turtle Egg | x10 Hearts of the Sea
✸ Enchantment Table | x15 Hearts of the Sea
✸ Totem of Undying | x15 Hearts of the Sea
✸ Elytra | x35 Hearts of the Sea

Decorations Shop

I have made a fresh, updated, decorations shop. Items can be purchased with zombie heads (like the vote shop). Here is a list of example items you can purchase:

✸ All types of sapling (for a high price, 15 Hearts of the Sea per sapling type)
✸ All variations of tulip (red, white, orange, pink)
✸ All the colourful, common flowers (e.g. allium, blue orchid, azure bluet)
✸ All large flower types (lilac, rose bush, peony)

Weekly Shop

The weekly shop is a merchant that will be updated manually by UEMURAWF. It is located next to the decoration and vote shops. Example items:

✸ Nether quartz
✸ Sand, gravel
✸ Obsidian

Island Changes

We were previously using the standard set islands provided by the plugin. I have now made my own schematics. You'll now be able to play on the classic L-shape island as seen in the very early stages of skyblock maps (all 3 dimensions, not just the overworld).

Island Teaming

You can now invite players to your island using the command /island team invite [player]. I was an idiot and didn't realise you needed 'team' in there for the plugin to work.

Island Level & Top

Both features now work flawlessly thanks to @Asalar. Use /island level to calculate your islands worth and /island top to see the islands with the highest block value.

Updates OTW

✸ Donator features (I promise this time)
✸ An updated /skyblock GUI that contains more features

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