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[1.15.2] Ray Trace Entity With Custom Range


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Since 1.15 introduced a lot of significant changes as opposed to 1.12, I cannot figure out how to RayTrace an entity from a range further than what pointedEntity allows (~4 blocks)

I am able to raytrace blocks from an increased range using BlockRayTraceResult, but I am unsure how to apply this to entities. I want to be able to target an entity from a range of about 50 blocks.

Please let me know where to start. Thank You.


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Have you looked at ProjectileHelper::rayTraceEntities? 

You should be able to adapt the code in there to do what you want.  50 blocks is a very long way,though.   It might be more efficient to use a different algorithm which filters entities manually, i.e.

for each entity in world {

vec3d entityPosition = entity - origin

check if position is in the correct octant (x +ve or -ve, y +ve or -ve, z + or -ve etc)

if so {

  vec3d distanceFromEntityToRay = cross product (position, ray) / norm (ray)

  if distanceFromEntityToRay < 5 then include in detailed raytrace otherwise exclude



you'll need to know a bit of vector math to do that...





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hmm the code i used in my old mod came from the source code of a different mod, but im not sure if it can be adapted to 1.15, i believe it involved vector math aswell might have to give it a go 
Thank you for the pointers though!


Edit: Found some code from another mod that I believe I can adapt to my specific use case

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