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Java IP Address: play.stormlands.cloud
Bedrock IP Address: play.stormlands.cloud:19132

Discord: https://discord.gg/vKj94Eq
Looking for a Hard Survival where you need to play a lot to earn something?

Latest version experience!
You are allowed to grief builds and steal items [ No bans, no rollbacks ]
Limited size for Wild, Nether and the End [ 3000 x 3000 ]

Paid teleport worlds: Nether & End [ You forced to find End portal, build Nether portal ]
Server shop to buy and sell items [ Nether & End items costs more ]
Hardened Jobs, well-balanced economy [ Bank system | Crypto currency ]
Balanced Rank system [ No pay to win, you can earn everything with hard work ]

Beautiful plotworld [ 20 x 20 plot size, but you can merge plots ]
Paid lumberyard & oremine [ Quick resource if you turn the world into a wasteland :D ]
mmoRPG features like Skill - leveling system, RPG Items..
Fun features like Slimefun, Alcohol brewery, unique Roulette..

AI Controlled mob factions [Orcs, RingWraiths, Spiders..]

Will you be the hero who save this world?
Or the one who destroy it?



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