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Spawn Data


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I'm trying to use IEntityAdditionalSpawnData for my projectile but I'm not really sure how to use the packet methods. 

I have a capped arrow entity with an IItemTier field that get's written to in writeSpawnData and that gets read from in readSpawnData, I can see from the console (debugging I did) that writeSpawnData is getting called, but readSpawnData isn't. 

Here's what my overrides look like

	public void writeSpawnData(PacketBuffer buffer) {
		buffer.setCharSequence(0, (CharSequence) this.tier.toString(), Charset.defaultCharset());
		Two.LOGGER.info("wrote spawn data {}", this.tier.toString());
	public void readSpawnData(PacketBuffer additionalData) {
		String t = additionalData.readCharSequence(0, Charset.defaultCharset()).toString();
		Two.LOGGER.info("read spawn data {}", t);
		try {
			this.tier = ItemTier.valueOf(t);
		} catch(Exception exception) {
			try {
				this.tier = ItemTierTwo.valueOf(t);
			} catch(Exception exception2) {


I don't know how to use the PacketBuffer, what would I do if I wanted to write a String to one? 

I'm also getting these error messages

[m[1;31m[11:11:04] [Render thread/ERROR] [ne.mi.fm.ne.si.IndexedMessageCodec/SIMPLENET]: Received invalid discriminator byte 71 on channel fml:play
[m[33m[11:11:04] [Render thread/WARN] [minecraft/ClientPlayNetHandler]: Unknown custom packet identifier: fml:play

I used to have this done with the datamanager, but I read in the documentation that some things can be done without it. (like the color property of a tipped arrow) (it also reset the itemtier value whenever the world was reopened)

at first i tried it with data,

then i tried it without data and with nbts (with writeAdditional and readAdditional)

then I tried it without data or nbts and with packet buffers (writeSpawnData and readSpawnData)


here are some of the files I'm using

CappedArrowEntity.java CappedArrowRenderer.java CappedArrowItem.java latest.log

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