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Everything is black (1.7.10)


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I am working on a custom modpack centred around the Lord of The Rings mod. There are 17 mods included: Tinker's LoTR Addon, Carpenter's Blocks, CodeChickenCore, DecoCraft, Fastcraft, Journeymap, The LoTR Mod, Mantle, MorePlayerModels, Neat, NEI LoTR Addon, NEI, Optifine, Tinker's Construct, The Rings of Power Mod, Waila and Wisla (Waila LoTR Addon). All of the mods are the latest version (for 1.7.10) and the forge version is I am using my laptop with 8GB of RAM and my processor is Intel Core i5-9300H CPU, 2.40GHz. All GUI is working properly but no textures are rendering so everything is black. As you can see on the journeymap, The world has loaded but I cannot see anything. I can break and place blocks but I seem to be able to place blocks where my head is so i start suffocating. I have attached screenshots below. Ignore the pack that hasn't uploaded properly, that was an accident. I buit this modpack with Twitch and I would appreciate any feedback to be able to fix this issue.2020-07-25_09_59_04.thumb.png.ee96cedcddbbf8f947e42aa21539ea5f.png2020-07-25_09_59_22.thumb.png.bf18476862a6694f7ef94cd890ef6106.png

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