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Forge 32.0.98 For 1.16.1: Failed To Synchronize Data From Server Error.


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Hi, for quite some time now my wife and I have been playing modded Minecraft locally in splitscreen mode using T Launcher. However the other day my wife tried to log into Minecraft through the multiplayer screen after I clicked on the Open To LAN button in the in-game menu, as per usual, but instead of logging in as it's done every other time it instead threw the Failed To Synchronize Data From Server error at us, we aren't playing on any kind of server at the moment, (as it dosen't like my mod list for some reason but that's unimportant right now as we're only playing locally) I'm using handpicked mods and not a pack and it was working fine ten minutes before we logged out then when we logged back in it chucked the error at us.

So I am mystified as to the cause of this error and would hugely appreciate any assistance that could be rendered.


Log Files (Gist)


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