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making another Dyed armor set??


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hello forge community!

I have went into the code of minecraft's leather armor to find out how it takes a leather armor and shades it the color it needs to be. On my jounet i stumbledupon ItemArmor.java under the Item package.

in this I found that in the method to update icons there are some funky arrays.

    public void updateIcons(IconRegister par1IconRegister)

        if (this.material == EnumArmorMaterial.CLOTH)
            this.field_94605_cw = par1IconRegister.registerIcon(field_94606_cu[this.armorType]);

        this.field_94604_cx = par1IconRegister.registerIcon(field_94603_a[this.armorType]);

can someone please explain to me what these fields mean and what pourpose the serve in the game?


Also, I should have you know that you are reading my signature.

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