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My Thoughts On MCreator


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Disclaimer: I do not mean to start a giant war here, I just want to voice my opinion on the tool known as MCreator.

For those who don't know what MCreator is, it's a tool that helps people make Minecraft mods.
And it gets a heck ton of hate for what it does, which I can understand to an extent.

The main reason why it gets hate is because it makes developers think modding is "easy."  Which MCreator is still pretty hard to get the hang of, at least for me.
Another reason people hate it is because everyone assumes that mods that are made using MCreator are unoriginal garbage, which I completely disagree with.
(One of my mods got backlash just because I was using MCreator even though my mod is as far as I know, was original and somewhat decent.)

But some people might just not know or have the time to learn Java, like myself.  I suck at code lol.
I don't think it's fair that people who make mods using MCreator get backlash just because of that.

And I understand that MCreator could easily be used to make generic/bad mods, but there's also a lot of mods that are really good somewhere out in the world.
In my opinion, MCreator is a great tool for kids and beginner modders, and even advanced modders to make their MC dreams come to life, which I respect.

So yeah I think I'm done, once again, I don't wanna start a war and or offend anyone.
And I hope I haven't just made a huge mistake posting this.



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I don't really mind MCreator as a tool if it actually did what it said it could. The issue is with the code it decides to spit out. It's very messy, issue-prone, and has bad practices throughout it. The project itself doesn't make any adjustment to match current standards and tends to break down with more complex logic.


If MCreator actually spent the time to update their code to current standards and make it logically sound, then the only arguments are those from as you said. However, with all the problem it provides and doesn't plan to fix, its a bad tool for any kind of user as it could make them unnecessarily believe the code is well done promoting bad practices among new and incoming programmers causing modding communities to get just a slightly bit more mad.


I'm not here to offend your opinion, you do have a valid point of what it could do and that it helps people who just don't understand the intricacies of programming all too well yet. But until MCreator puts as much effort into their program as programmers who use their system, the tool will always be criticized for its issues, incorrect standards, hurting the knowledge of beginner programmers, and any other complaint people have against it.

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