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Swapping rows of items in the inventory


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Hi, thanks for taking a look at my question. I've tried to explain it concisely while still elaborating.


How I simulate moving an item in the inventory?

When the player selects an inventory row, I need a way to actually move the items between the inventory and the hotbar.
My first though would be to simulate a click for each slot of the hotbar with the corresponding slot in the selected row. I know of PlayerControllerMP::windowClick, but what I'm concerned about is the

possibility that there is no slot open that could be used to swap the rows. If all slots are full on both the hotbar and selected row, an item would need to be 'held' by the curse.


Thank you for taking the time to look at my question.

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You could use the crafting slots as "temporary storage".

But I don't think you need to. You can still move things around even if the inventory is completely full. Assume you want to swap slots A and B, both containing an item, without using any other slots. First, pick up the first item (A). It is now "held" on the mouse. Now click on the 2nd slot, now item B is "held" on the mouse and the 2nd slot contains A. Now click the first slot again, it now contains B. Tada, you have swapped the slots.

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