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[1.15.2] Keeping NBT tags when smelting a custom item


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I am having a problem with keeping NBTTags when smelting a custom item.

In my mod I have a MeatBase class, which is a food class just for meat. Each meat item created ingame gets a random marbling level, which is stored in nbt tags within the item. But when I cook the meat (using the vanilla furnace block) the tags get lost, ending in a meat item without any nbt in it. One way I tought would work was creating a custom RecipeType for my mod's meats items, but I could not find a way to make these recipes work in vanilla furnace.

I was looking for the best way to keep nbt tags in vanilla smelting specifically, since I am focusing in vanilla cooking for now, not a custom recipe type.

Any kind of help is very welcome, and I'm sorry if this is duplicated/answered in other topic.


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