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KayCraft - Not Your Average SMP | Vanilla Communal Building Server


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Who we are: A small group of dedicated players who want to create anything you can desire or imagine in an SMP setting. Our goal is to create a world we can all look back on as OUR creation. And soon, we'll be starting fresh.


Who we're looking for:
We are looking for experienced applicants to build cities and efficient farms for a COMMUNAL server. No one wants to play alone online and our goal is to create a community centered around building TOGETHER. Although you may build a separate home, everyone's focus should be on furthering the goals of the server that are planned and voted on. All resources are also shared among everyone (think SciCraft). Since we're limiting our player base, we ask that you put effort into your application, because we only want to play with people as dedicated as us.


The server runs a few key plugins for rollbacks and grief prevention, but our goal is to maintain the vanilla MC experience. We are constantly backing up our servers so your hard work will never be lost. If you'd like to download the world for yourself, just let us know.


PvP is allowed as long as it's consensual, but stealing or destroying anything without reason will lead to a permanent ban. We'd like to keep the server goal oriented instead of stuck in petty fights between members.


Server Info:
Java 1.16.4


If you’re interested in joining:

1. Reply with your discord username.

2. Your preferred play style (building, redstone, etc).

3. How long you’ve been playing.

4. And what you can offer the server.

When we contact you on discord, we ask that you share some pictures of previous builds so please have them ready!

We have lots of plans for the future and we're excited to meet you!

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2 anos

amo ajudar não gosto quando alguém me bate no jogo espero quieto más se me baterem más de 2 vezes eu começo a bater também más odeio odeio brigas e sou ótimo com projetos de redstone

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