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[1.16.3] - Forge 34.1.42 and below(?) mixins are messed up!


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For a long time i've been getting too many errors about mixins. I kow the tevelopers will fix them but when. This doesn't happen with just one mod. There are a lot of mods that forge literally hates(not seriously). There are some examples in the attached files. So my question is: how can i get rid of this error without deleting mods?


with structure gel api:

with structure gel api.png


without structure gel api:

without structure gel api.png


with structure gel api.log without structure gel api.log

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17 hours ago, diesieben07 said:

As a start I would try it without Optifine.


Ok. I tried without optifine and now i know it is because of optifine. I'm sorry, I totally forgot optifine was even in the mods folder. I will contact optifine's author to submit these bugs.

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I know but the only way of me being able to play with those mods is going through OptiFine and I already posted a bug report on their Github. I don't have a very good pc. So if i want to play with mods(i'm trying to play with 246  mods right now) i need optifine and if i have optifine some mods don't work. I can only hope that they can solve it.

dxdiag_P9hQbGXzBn.png.084a0564a6362f43b8df486b8c0502d5.png These are the specs.

Edit: The cpu is dual core and ram is ddr3. 240 GB ssd.

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