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Inquiry about Updating from 1.15.2 to 1.16.4


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i'm new to modding so please bare with me. I'm currently trying to update someone else's mod for my own personal use, IntelliJ only came up with one error which i believe i have fixed as there are no more errors showing, and I made sure to up date line 29 and line 97 in build.gradle, but when i give it a test run it minecraft forge 1.16.4 starts up, but the mod doesn't show up in the loaded mods button, I feel like there's some simple step i must be missing, but i don't know what it could be or where to look.

I have spent the last two hours searching for any information on the process to updating mods incase i'm missing a step, and haven't had much success, if anyone can send me a link to a page on the main general steps or process to updating mods, so I can read up on this and learn, or if you know what the issue is, i'd appreciate the insight. thankyou for your time.

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I have a theory, in my project the entire build file is highlighted in orange, and when i try to upload the project to a repo it uploads everything but the files in orange, is it possible that also when intelliJ compiles and runs the project it excludes these files highlighted in orange? and thats why they don't get loaded into minecraft forge? and on that note why are they highlighted in orange what setting is causing this and how can i change this? is it perhaps because this is the source for someone elses mod that I am trying to update to 1.16.4? could it be some sort of protection enabled on it? 

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