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FTB revelation - Server mod rejections


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I'm receiving this error when logging into my server: 

 Server Mod rejections:

/dank/null: Requires version 1.6.77 but client has 1.7.101.

AE2 Wireless Terminals (AE2WTLib): Requires version 1.0.30 but client has 1.0.34.

Refined Storage: Requires version 1.6.15 but client has 1.6.16.

Refined Storage Addons: Requires version 0.4.4 but client has 0.4.5.

Wireless Crafting Terminal 2: Requires version 3.12.93 but client has 3.12.97.

p455w0rd's Library: Requires version 2.2.156 but client has 2.3.161.


So I understand my client has conflicting mod versions, but; it was working fine yesterday and I haven't updated anything. How do I downgrade my mods to match the server?

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