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[1.16.4] TileEntity place block


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Hello dear Modders,


I want a tile entity to place a block. Sadly there isn't a function inside the ServerWorld class for that (there is for destroying a block though)

I looked at the actually additions mod and its code for the block placer, which looks like this:

	public static ItemStack useItemAtSide(Direction side, World world, BlockPos pos, ItemStack stack) {
        if (world instanceof ServerWorld && pos != null) {
            BlockPos offsetPos = pos.offset(side);
            BlockState state = world.getBlockState(offsetPos);
            boolean replaceable = state.getMaterial().isReplaceable();

            if (replaceable && stack.getItem() == Items.REDSTONE) {
                world.setBlockState(offsetPos, Blocks.REDSTONE_WIRE.getDefaultState(), 2);
            	return stack;

            if (replaceable && stack.getItem() instanceof IPlantable) {
                if (((IPlantable) stack.getItem()).getPlant(world, offsetPos).isValidPosition(world, offsetPos)) {
                    if (world.setBlockState(offsetPos, ((IPlantable) stack.getItem()).getPlant(world, offsetPos), 2)) {
                    	return stack;

            //Everything else
            try {
                FakePlayer fake = FakePlayerFactory.getMinecraft((ServerWorld) world);
                if (fake.connection == null) fake.connection = new EmptyNetHandler(fake);
                ItemStack heldBefore = fake.getHeldItemMainhand();
                setHandItemWithoutAnnoyingSound(fake, Hand.MAIN_HAND, stack.copy());
                fake.interactionManager.processRightClick(fake, world, fake.getHeldItemMainhand(), Hand.MAIN_HAND);
                ItemStack result = fake.getHeldItem(Hand.MAIN_HAND);
                setHandItemWithoutAnnoyingSound(fake, Hand.MAIN_HAND, heldBefore);
                return result;
            } catch (Exception e) {
                GatesMod.logger.error("Something that places Blocks at " + offsetPos.getX() + ", " + offsetPos.getY() + ", " + offsetPos.getZ() + " in World " + world.getDimensionKey() + " threw an Exception! Don't let that happen again!", e);
        return stack;

it didnt work for me, so maybe I am doing something wrong here... It is for 1.12 though, so it could be possibile that it just wont work for 1.16.

Any idea how this could be done?

Tanks in advance 🙂

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Ok, so as always for the fast reply.

This is just the copied code from actually additions from 1.12.
As far as I have observed, it didn't do anything. I checked if the code is called at all and it is called when it is supposed to be called.

My main problem is, that i don't know where the used position is specified. In the "Everything else" section the block position is never used, so I don't know why the code should work in the first place. It could be, that it places a block somewhere in the world, but I don't know

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