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[SOLVED][1.16.4] Get Overworld save directory


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Hello ! I'd like to get the directory from the overworld to save sqlite databases inside it. ( Kind of the way Computercraft / CC:Tweaked does it with computer data )
I tried with :


But I don't kow how to use it.
Could anyone help me ?
Thanks ^^

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1 minute ago, diesieben07 said:

ServerChunkProvider#getSavedData and then DimensionSavedDataManager#folder (needs reflection) will get you the data folder.

However I would really encourage you to consider not using a custom data format.

Yeah but I am creating a perpheral for computercraft that uses SQL. So i think using a sqlite file would be the easiest way. (You do not need to maintain a server.) However if there is another way I’d be glad to test it.

Testing this this evening btw.

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Okay I made it work with this:

public static File getWorldFolder(ServerWorld world) throws NoSuchFieldException, IllegalAccessException {
	DimensionSavedDataManager savedData = world.getChunkProvider().getSavedData();
	Field folderField = DimensionSavedDataManager.class.getDeclaredField("folder");
	return ((File) folderField.get(savedData)).getParentFile();

So I'm good now ^^

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