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Blocks not forming into items when broken.


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So I got about 100 mods, which might be the reason why I’m getting no items when mining all sort of blocks. 
All the blocks never seem the give there item, like dirt for example when I mine a block of dirt, it just disappears no item.

I am in survival as well.

8140 Ram for forge.

Forge 1.16.5 (Forge Launcher)

if you have any suggestions or questions, comment.


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34 minutes ago, diesieben07 said:

It's a file, not a folder. The debug.log is in the logs folder of your game directory.

Unless you have a very strange computer you cannot have 5 files all called "debug.log" in the same folder.

Every time I go above 100 mods I found that it stops registering the items. When I open the debug file it has some gibberish text.. 


here's what the text looks like..


 ‹       ì½{sãºÑ7ø÷nÕ~n•k3§Î˜ºKöd³olù2N|{-ÏLòdRDB)‚IÛ:O=ß}ð"Ê"Hˆ")Pq.c‰þ5F£ÑøG³uÇíf»¥´Z_ÚÝ/z|Üþ§ò90¬ÆÕíÅù¬Ù¯êéýÇž¥Í V¯ƒ›»³ë“o·Ã¯çÿü¢Ü =üEÁžeÖô‹ðÔQþqxè9[`?+ÆtæB<–óY9<|Ø1õYi©­¾Ú;œ <…‡¾ÚT[ô÷)yéÌÀŸ•á—ŸßH%ÎO`èÐúybÛgÀ?˜“–~ªä_¨a0qé[Àq ëlöÞOÿ¥èõ+K‡o>]ô™çúg帠   ']8žôôv»«÷Ž@·Ó:žŒmØïM {[Ó ã<¢gH`ý¯à?¬

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