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I can't drop items in Forge 1.8.9


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I need a bit of help

I can't drop items in Forge 1.8.9 straight out of my hotbar. I can drop them when I hover over them in my inventory and press q tho
I don't have this issue in any other version of Forge or vanilla Minecraft (also not normal 1.8.9)
I'm not sure if this is because of Forge itself or because of a mod I'm using (see image for list of mods I'm using)
It's starting to get really annoying to keep having to open my inventory to drop items

I hope that anyone can help


(The mods I added when I already had this issue - so it's probably not because one of these mods - are the Perspective Mod, Powns Coords, Autotip, Replaymod and SkyblockAddons)

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